We have many requests for Bibles and we do everything we can to honor all requests. Quite often, we get requests for very small quantities which presents a problem. To ship 32 Bibles (A single case) cost around $15 or $.50 per Bible. But if we ship a pallet of 3,000 Bibles to the same location, the cost ranges from $.30 to the East Coast or as low as $.09 to the West Coast.

It is a tough call for us but because this ministry is funded through gracious donations only, we have to remain impeccably accountable. Part of that accountability is using the funds wisely. You will see on the ordering page, we request pallet quantities of 3,000. But if you need fewer than 3,000 for your location, please call us directly at 916-624-6500. One of our team members will talk with you directly and work out the details with you. We do make exceptions in most cases. All of our Bibles are shipped to the military FREE of charge.

We can not ship to any address locations outside of an Active military Base or APO address. We get calls constantly from people with great hearts asking us to ship to their home addresses however, Bibles can no longer be deployed to a personal address. The best and most acceptable location would be to use the address of your local Base Chapel. If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Hilliard at [email protected] or call 916-624-6500.

Thank you!